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Legal briefing notes

Collection services in business: recovery of a debt in Voronezh

To prevent extra wastes of money for judicial proceedings, a closure of debt obligations in pre-trial order is one of the best ways to solve disputes on debt collection. Recovery of debts in pre-trial order is extremely relevant when it comes to Credit arrangements and loan arrears and also about unpaid funds for the provision of services or goods.

Recovery of debts: The procedural order

Anyhow every situation is unique and that is why the solution depends on a combination of factors.

  • client consultation on perspectives of recovery of debts in pre-trial order;
  • the services of call-centre, auto inform of the debtors (textual and voice) on the necessity of recovery of a debt, and adverse effects of delays;
  • sending of requests and claims to the debtors in pursuance of their overdue obligations;
  • receiving information on the financial situation of a debtor, and existing assets and also on business partners and counterparties;
  • PR measures, that effects the reputation (the positioning of a debtor in the eyes of the business community as a stereotypically dishonest counterparty);
  • The facilitating meetings and conversations with a debtor, achieving agreed solutions on the conditions of debt repayment.

The features of pre-trial debt collection

The efficiency of the collection stage is evident even during the first days of debt works. The contact with a debtor gives an opportunity to consider perspectives of debts recovery. According to the previously agreed scenario, it is possible to negotiate accurate dates of debt repayment or delay or exit packages, etc.

But collection services do not have to be taken as universal and without risks of failure way of recovery. The absence of contact with a debtor and surroundings and the negative outlook according to the findings of the scoring are also a result. Depending on the situation you have to quickly organize judicial proceedings and grant interim measures or routinely get an enforcement order, and after write off the debt without any counterproductive wastes.

Providing services of debt recovery from entities and individual entrepreneurs (with debts) there is an opportunity of using a complex approach that includes:

  • work with management and founders of a debtor’s company;
  • the control of existing or disposed property and also deals for withdrawal of money or assets;
  • Analysis of the current activity of a debtor and its accordance with administrative, labor or tax legislation.

The cost of services of collection agency

The cost of collection services is based on the percent of the money, getting from a debtor in pay a debt. The accurate amount is based on the results of scoring. During 1- 2 days we collect a file of a debtor and based on the results of its analysis we develop proposals for cooperation and its conditions.

This service allows our clients to assess the prospects for pre-trial recovery of debts and to work out a strategy for future activities. In some cases, we are able to refuse the cooperation especially when we don't see any perspectives of a pre-trial debt collection. Usually, we speak openly about it and offer other methods of recovery of debts.

The Tsentralny Okrug Law Firm provides services on collection of debts in Voronezh, Kursk, Belgorod, Lipetsk, Tambov, Moscow. Our services on recovery of debts lead to the settlement of outstanding charges without appealing to the Court and consequently, reduce the costs of time and money.

Author is Irina Volodina

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