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Legal briefing notes

Representation in general jurisdiction courts

The overwhelming majority of legal disputes in the Russian Federation are under consideration of general jurisdiction courts that involve the Magistrates Court, regional and municipal courts, as well as the Court of Cassation of districts, and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation that closes this system. The key criteria for in choosing the jurisdiction of the dispute to the general jurisdiction court are the parties of the legal process, so if the parties of the dispute are natural persons and the dispute is not on entrepreneurship, it is necessary to apply to the general jurisdiction court for the restoration of the rights that were violated. 

Then there is a question, to which court should we apply? Is it the Magistrates Court or the municipal? And here there are several important points with borders that are not entirely unambiguous. For example, a dispute on divorce may be considered in the Magistrates Court, however, if the dispute is about children it means the case will be considered by the municipal court. A crucial aspect of representation in the general jurisdiction courts is defining the rules of legal procedure. For example, challenging the actions of a bailiff will be carried out according to the Administrative Procedure Code and a divorce process or a dispute with an employer will be considered according to the rules of the Civil Procedure Code and a dispute on administrative prosecution according to the Administrative Violations Code. 

In the light of these issues with the choice of the judicial instance, which has the responsibility of administration of justice and the choice of the legal framework to be imposed and the choice of a representative is an essential and crucial event. When choosing a person to conduct the case and protect the interests you need to make sure that the representative has relevant qualifications and experience and the area of his interests allows to effectively represent your interests. It is not unusual when a party makes a mistake in choosing a representative. When a hired lawyer does not fully understand the legal framework and case-law on the issues it was mandated to address, although the hired representative is an excellent lawyer with great recommendations he deals with only criminal cases, where the state must prove the guilt of his client, when in civil proceedings, each party proves the circumstances on which it relies. 

And so, when the representative is determined, you need to understand which competencies should be given to the representative. For our part, we consider it necessary to transfer the power to sign the statement of claim and objections to a claim and an application for a provisional remedy. With these powers are indicated it helps save you time and for the representative to feel secure and free in the court. Other specified powers such as a change of plea or a subject of claim and conclusion of amicable settlement or conclusion of factual circumstances we recommend to discuss only with the representatives who you believe. In other cases, the commercial dispute may finish with disappointing surprises if your representative admits the claims of the counteragent or drop your lawsuit.

Representation in the court the Tsentralny Okrug Law Firm

The representation in the court can be like the formation of individual procedural documents, including the statement of claim to the court and objections or various appeals and a full accompaniment of legal proceedings as the priority form of cooperation.
Apart from the protection in the courts, our company provides services in the pursuit of court decisions. We ensure the pursuit of court decisions both with our representation in the court and in a situation when you already have received an order yourself.
The Tsentralny Okrug Law Firm provides services on the representation of interests in the courts in Voronezh, Lipetsk, Kursk, Belgorod, Tambov, Moscow. We form procedural documents and protect in the courts.

Author is Dmitry Prosvirin

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