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In-depth research and verification of the contractor (score assessment)

In what cases do you need a score assessment?

Entrepreneurship supposes that you contact counterparties. But it is not always successful work sometimes you can meet stereotypically dishonest counterparties and sometimes you can meet one of these so-called phony companies that exist only for a day. Entering into a contract of supply or on outsourcing with such company you have a risk of wasting time and money on legal proceedings and as a result, you get nothing. It is because such company doesn't exist in that address or it is in the stage of bankruptcy or there are many enforcement proceedings worth millions of rubles relating to such entity but all accounts of this company are zero and it doesn't have money.

You cannot rely on the information on the internet, because crooks can leave lots of positive reviews to make a great reputation for this entity. Verification of an entity before the moment of the conclusion of a treaty is intended to protect you in choosing counterparty. It reduces the risks of failures to obtain performance under the agreement and to bring to responsibility.

Verification of counterparty is needed not only for entrepreneurship but even for any contacts with natural persons when you are going to loan some money or organize a common business and invest money.

Without a sore assessment of potential borrowers, there isn't much hope for repayment of debt. That is because this person or entity can be obligated in front of not one creditor or can be in the stage of bankruptcy or do not have any property to foreclose.

Sore assessment can be used in any other case when you are interacting with an entity or a natural person. Provisional verification of legal or natural entity allows minimizing risks of a wrongful decision on contact with a specific counterparty or person.

What is in-depth verification of counterparty (sore assessment)?

During sore assessment (collection and analysis of information) the security clearance and the business reputation of the counterparty are verified because it allows you to decide on interacting with the borrower or counterparty.

According to the data that was given by the counterparty it is possible to get full information on the reliability of a person, for example:

  1. If there are any enforcement proceedings;
  2. if there are any bankruptcy proceedings;
  3. if there are any judicial proceedings;
  4. if there is information in the register of bad-faith suppliers;
  5. if there is an absence of business activity during the last year;
  6. if there is the administrative prosecution;
  7. if there is information on the person in the credit reference bureau;
  8. if the person that you are interested in has debt on credits and tax revenue;
  9. if there are any opened or closed checking accounts during the last 3 years;
  10. If a person that you are interested in has property (including immovable) during last 3 years;
  11. if there are any liens and other encumbrance;
  12. if there is participation in the authorized capital of any corporations.

The advantages of working with the Tsentralny Okrug law firm

The Tsentralny Okrug law firm offers the services of sore assessment that are aimed for verification of data that were given by counterparty/ person including that circumstances and facts that can be influential in making decisions on credits or on doing some business together or on delivery of the goods with delayed payment.

Working with the Tsentralny okrug law firm on the providing services of sore assessment you get

  • a detailed report about counterparty, according to collected information from different resources, that helps identify stereotypically dishonest counterparty and allows to refuse working with him on the stage of conclusion a treaty;
  • you save money and your time on searching information about counterparty and its analysis;
  • you minimize risks of non-returning the debts and potential losses;
  • you are insured against prosecution.

Author is Lyudmila Kriulina

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