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Legal briefing notes

Services on the formation of contracts. Legal review of treaties.

It is quite common that you can hear from clients that the standard and ordinary contract was signed with counterparty. Usually, the contract that was signed is a treaty that counterparty gave to the client. Quite often it happens with such words like it is their standard treaty. When we ask a question have you studied the contract before signing it in the best of cases the answer is that there is nothing shady in it.

Typically such a method of formulating a contract is a way to put an end to effective protection of rights even in court. The one who signs deprives himself of the variability and loyalty of the existing agreement.

The subject matter of the treaty and the time to discharge the obligation of payment, the time frame, acceptance and reclamation, responsibility, Commercial or inventory credit and jurisdiction all can even turn a legitimate party of the agreement into a dangerous rule breaker.

Ignorance of risks and Playing ostrich can only make matters worse. The signing of a contract when the content of it you do not understand or even worse when you haven’t read it at all are like a signature on a blank piece of paper which will be given to your vis-à-vis. Don't forget that your drafting of a treaty should be more than merely nominal but for protection and forcing in case of counterparty would not perform a substantial part of its obligations.

So you cannot rely upon your counterparty that is the reason why it is better to advocate for support from a member of the legal profession.

Why do you need a lawyer to formulate a contract?

The real enemy in drafting a treaty is ambiguity. So that is why you need to keep track of these moments:

  • The competences of a contracting party. Are there desired competencies in the jurisdiction list? And what can confirm it?
  • The subject matter of the contract. The subject matter of cooperation should be described in great detail without contradictions and inaccuracies.
  • The responsibilities and rights. All options successions of events should be taken into account at this point including who how and when will act in the described circumstances. Otherwise, the contract can be technically disrupted.
  • Responsibility. What will happen if one of the parties breaks the agreement? This stage can cause a significant impact on functioning.
  • Jurisdiction. A dispute is subject to review at the place of the respondent by default. In the overwhelming majority of cases Contracting Parties may envisage contractual jurisdiction, so they might agree upon a particular court that will consider the dispute.

It is important not to lose sight of little things that can have an impact on the terms of the agreement. So to avoid disappointment people choose legal assistance.

What it costs to formulate the contract with legal assistance

Services on the compilation of an agreement depend on the invested amount of time. Something takes only a half of an hour and something else takes ten hours to do. So prices for services, as well as the prices for service of reviewing of an agreement may cost from 1000 rub to 30000 rubles.

Conclusion of the contract

Customer service of Tsentralny okrug law firm provides legal services on the formulation of contracts and agreements that represent your interests. Our lawyers negotiate the terms of the contract with the internal structures of your organization and signatories.

Formulation and review of contracts by the lawyers of Tsentralny okrug law firm

What do you get:

  • Consultations on the Treaty and issues of contract law for free
  • Accompaniment during the formation of an agreement and its signing
  • We work with native as well as with foreign agreements
  • Solutions that save millions. We give your money back if there is no legal protection on developed treaties. 15 years' practical experience allows us to protect and advise on all issues of formulating the contracts.

Because of 15 years of practical experience in the area of drafting and reviewing contacts the lawyers of Tsentralny okrug law firm can offer unique and win-win legal solutions.

Author is Zoya Philosop

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