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Legal briefing notes

Tax consultations

Tax consultations for legal entities

Tax legislation changes quite quickly. Innovations are imposed every month. Significantly, changes in this area of legislation usually make the position of taxpayers worse. Tax regulations are constantly being improved, however, legal gaps continue to exist and their number is growing.

According to popular belief, gaps in legislation appear when the Ministry of Finance and the tax authorities do not provide individual comments on cases and do not clarify individual issues.

Even if such an explanation is given, it cannot be considered a universal way and is used as a defensive argument in case of a tax dispute.

Several years after the adoption of new rules, the judicial practice on a particular issue becomes more informative and can be used in the analysis of tax risks. Most of these questions arise when the new norms are just starting to be applied and there is still no judicial practice on them as well as official explanations from state authorities.

The ways to reduce tax risks

The real situation on a great number of old norms of tax legislation changes regularly. There is a defined list of weak points in every business that should be constantly and seriously checked.

The entrepreneurs are interested in the following questions:

  • How to get a tax deferral;
  • How profits tax is formed and paid. This is especially true for securities, insurance contracts, Research, Development and Engineering instruments, operating transactions, cooperation with foreign partners.
  • How to get tax deductions for VAT, if lease agreements are concluded, contracts transferring the ownership or rights to land plots are acquired.
  • How to use preferential VAT rates.
  • Special fiscal regimes such as Uniform Social Tax, Simplified Tax System, a single tax on imputed income, a patent system of taxation.

Perhaps you have noticed one of the described problems in your company.

Consultation services on tax risks for legal entities

You may have already have come across situations when decisions run counter to innovations in the legislation.

Without the help of lawyers, it is not possible to resolve issues with the tax authority in all cases. For positive result knowledge, time and communication skills with civil service employees are needed. Sometimes an attempt to resolve the issue on your own can make the situation even worse, so it is better to address such concerns to specialists.

Cases when you need the consultation of the lawyers of our company:

  • execution of tax audit;
  • the need to challenge its result in the courts;
  • desire to optimize the taxation, to carry out planning;
  • when the client is interested in certain fiscal regimes;
  • the requirement to minimize tax risks;
  • if you have questions on the effective rates and ratios;
  • on other issues of taxation that are not included in this list.

We provide consultations for natural entities on the following issues:

  • How do you get a personal income tax deduction?
  • payment of transport, property, land tax, personal income tax;
  • how to check if fines or penalties are charged legally.

Do you need professional tax advice

Our lawyers will consider your situation and quickly offer a solution to the problem. You will be able to get answers to all your questions. If a dispute with the tax authorities has already arisen, we will protect your interests in pre-trial and judicial procedures.

Author is Andrew Kriulin

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