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Legal briefing notes

Tax disputes in court. Challenge of acts and decisions of the Federal

Tax Service with the help of tax lawyers

A significant share of the cash flow into the state treasury comes from taxes from the citizens of the country. The regulation of their payments should be carried out by the tax authorities. This is what they do, but taxpayers do not always agree with the policy of such organizations.

In many cases for the tax authorities to increase the financial flow coming from payers by hook or by crook. Accordingly, there are situations when a natural person simply does not agree with the opinion of the audit and the documents that were provided by it. It's called a tax dispute. In the future, it may lead to litigation with the tax authorities.

Tax disputes what are they like?

There are two basic types of tax disputes, namely:

  • A dispute that was initiated by the inspection (for example, because of delays in payment of taxes, the taxpayer was charged a fine, which the person simply refuses to pay and as a result, the tax authority initiates legal action).
  • A dispute that was initiated by the natural person (for example, the tax authority refused to return the overpaid to the taxpayer and as a result, the person initiates legal action).

Furthermore, tax disputes can be classified according to the subject of the dispute and then can be distinguished:

  • Disputes upon fulfillment of the requirements by taxpayers of the legislation on tax and duties;
  • Disputes were initiated because of the damage resulting from unlawful actions of tax authorities or actions of their officials.

It is also worth bearing in mind that tax disputes can be considered both in court and extrajudicially.

Settlement of tax disputes

To win a trial by your side you should have more than just the truth itself. You should have qualified specialists by your side and in particular, a highly competent tax lawyer.

In all these cases, there is a need for an objective assessment of the situation and the evaluation of prospects. An incorrectly evaluated situation very likely can lead to a financial disaster. The risk of losing, and as a result, additional charges of taxes, penalties and fines, turns any tax disputes into an extremely responsible event.

Given the risks and a necessity of objective assessment of the situation, we highly recommend that you hire tax lawyers and lawyers that are specialized in the area of challenging the acts and decisions of the Federal Tax Service. Such tactics seem reasonable and profitable in the short term.

Services of tax lawyers

The tax lawyers and attorneys of the Tsentralny Okrug Law Firm daily accompany and advise their clients on taxation issues, tax appealing and constantly improve their knowledge, study law enforcement in that field in regions of their service area in Voronezh, Lipetsk, Kursk, Belgorod, Tambov, Moscow and offer services on:

  • Advising on the interpretation and application of the tax legislation;
  • accompaniment during the audits;
  • appeal against acts or omissions of the Federal Tax Service;
  • representation of interests in tax authorities based on the results of tax audits;
  • Representation of interests in court when appealing acts and decisions according to the tax audit results.

The assistance offered includes analysis of the situation by a qualified tax lawyer; evaluation of the prospects of settlement a tax dispute and preparing the required documents; compliance with the out-of-court procedures; challenging the decisions of the Federal Tax Service in administrative and trial order (trial with the fiscal authorities); representation of interests in court.

It should be said that the tax dispute is truly one of the most difficult areas in jurisprudence. A lawyer who is specialized in such litigation must not only be competent and knowledgeable in the case, he must also have relevant experience behind him. A good tax lawyer will help his client save and legally return his own money as well as protect him from administrative or criminal prosecution In case of a lawsuit initiated by the tax office.

Author is Andrew Kriulin

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