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Legal briefing notes

Lawyers on the domestic proceeding in Voronezh

Any divorce proceedings involve extensional investments of forces and nerves with emotional distress. That is why it is important to have a qualified lawyer with considerable experience in successfully finished cases by your side. Nowadays before marriage, a prenuptial agreement is often concluded that helps simplify the division of property in case of divorce. A family lawyer provides the consultation to fully understand the pitfalls and possible risks. Experience has shown that the majority of spouses decide on the division of jointly acquired property in divorce proceedings and that is why quite often there are attempts to hide this or that property from another spouse. For this purpose, false documents on the transfer of property are usually used and the sales agreements are formed without the knowledge and consent of another spouse. Such dishonest manipulations emphasize the need for the qualified assistance of a family lawyer. It helps not lose the property which you have.

The division of property that is used in business

It is quite often when the spouses do a property division that is involved in the business of the spouses. This creates the risk of losing part of the revenues because of the transfer of the property to another person. We recommend doing a property division without affecting the business and to build the communication on a constructive dialogue between both parties. We are firming up a strategy that allows you to maintain control on the property that is involved in the business of the spouses and also seek to ensure the most rational and effective options of dividing for both parties. It is important to understand that this procedure without the proper support of a family lawyer may paralyze business and cause the loss of income from the activity in which a lot of effort, time and other resources have been invested.

The division of property in the court

It is quite often when one spouse wants to receive the assets and money as private property that belongs to the other spouse who is an individual entrepreneur. At the beginning of the dispute, the plaintiff may receive the judicial security as the seizure of property, a share of business, money and other assets that may disadvantage the ex-spouse. The loss of the business is a plausible outcome in cases when a professional strategic plan for negotiations and legal proceedings is not well thought out.

The divorce of the spouses through legal proceeding: Legal assistance

Properly concluded a prenuptial agreement with the help of a family lawyer helps minimize risks and smooth out troubles. It allows determining the ownership of the property which is going to be acquired and to restore order in the distribution of the shares in advance. It is necessary to understand that this procedure is not an indicator of lack of trust between each other, but it is a modern and convenient way to settle potential disputes. A family lawyer can help you redeploy the property in case of divorce and to determine ways of sharing each other's income. Certainly, such agreements are not guarantees of protection of jointly acquired property. It is important to pay attention to liability towards the creditor that has existed before the conclusion of the prenuptial agreement in the absence of timely notification to the creditor on drafting a legal document that will be distributed excluding the prenuptial agreement.

Family lawyers of the Tsentralny Okrug Law Firm

The family lawyers in our company are ready to advise on the separate propositions of the law of domestic relations and the prospects of divorce through legal proceedings in Voronezh and dispute or division of property and analyze the documentation for the property that was acquired during the marriage. Also, we help in drafting a prenuptial agreement and agreement on the distribution of property. The Tsentralny Okrug Law Firm offers services of qualified lawyers and family lawyers on divorces.

Author is Irina Volodina

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