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Legal briefing notes

Registration of a public organization

A public organization is the same non-profit organization that is created by persons on a voluntary basis in order to combine their efforts to achieve a socially useful result. There are no restrictions in law in this case. It is only important that the goals and its subsequent activities will be according to the current legislation.

The nature of the work

Despite the fact that a public organization can carry out entrepreneurial activities considering the stated goals unlike commercial organizations, the profits gained cannot be distributed between its founders (members). The right to the property that is transferred to the public organization is no longer reserved for the founders, and it becomes the property of the organization. The same happens with the contributions of its members.

A membership-based public organization is flexible enough to manage and make executive decisions while remaining fully accountable to the general assembly. Like any other non-profit organizations on a territorial basis a public organization can be local (within the limits of the territory of one settlement) and regional (within range of one subject of the Russian Federation), interregional (that exists in several regions of the Russian Federation) and all-Russian.

The procedure for registering a public organization

Registration is binding for all public non-profit organizations. The process itself takes place in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and includes the following stages:

  • Founders make a decision on creation;
  • The approval of founding documents;
  • Applying a package of documentation for registration;
  • Registration of the organization in the territorial subdivisions of the Ministry of Justice;
  • Issuance of a certificate of registration with founding documents.

The package of documents

Specifically, the registration of an organization itself will require the following set of documents in two copies:

  • Application for registration;
  • Charter of the new public organization;
  • Minutes of the last meeting of the founders;
  • Documents confirming the payment of the fee.

In case of personal appearance for the delivery of documents, you can refuse to notarize the claimant's signature. You should have identification documents with you.

Applying the documents and receiving a certificate

Applying of documentation is possible at a personal appointment or by mail. In practice, there are refusals to register. Usually, it is related to subjective opinions of registrar of the certain provisions of the law and their implementation in founding documents. Rarely there are technical reasons. After due diligence and fulfillment of a number of formalities, information on the establishment of a non-profit organization is included into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and the register data of the Ministry of Justice. The founding and registration documents should be issued. Specialists of the Tsentralny Okrug Law Firm are ready to help you in registration, consulting, preparing the necessary founding documents and registering a public organization as quickly as possible.

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